Valencia Fallas: definitive guide for an unforgettable tour

The perfect itinerary to see the Fallas in a single day

You are in Valencia and they are failures? Do you want to see what they are? the most important failures from the city? We show you the perfect itinerary to see the falls most important in Valencia, in a interactive map where you can discover the easiest paths to reach the Fallas monuments without getting lost. Whether by public transport, taxi, bicycle, motorcycle or scooter.

The beginning of the failures

The Night of Dawn, also known as “L'Albà de les Falles”, is a spectacular celebration that takes place in Valencia during the Fallas. This festival is celebrated during the night of March 15 to 16 to commemorate the end of the “plantà” of all the Fallas monuments and the official start of the Fallas, which will last up to 4 intense days.

During the Night of Dawn, more than 300 commissions simultaneously set off fireworks to celebrate the “plantà” of their Fallas monuments.

Starting at 00:00 from March 15 to March 16, all city commissions join this celebration.

The landmark of this celebration is the Town Hall Square, where a special fireworks show takes place.

This pyrotechnic show combines noise and roar with the light, color and sound of the fireworks that illuminate the sky of the capital of Turia.

In addition, each of the fallaes shoots its own fireworks, so the spectacle of the Town Hall Square merges in unison with the more than 300 castles from different points.

The Night of Dawn marks the beginning of the Fallas fireworks calendar, which has been celebrated since March 15 to March 19 his most notable days.

Night of Dawn - Fallas of Valencia
Night of Dawn - Fallas of Valencia

The most important failures

The Fallas are artistic monuments that are built in each neighborhood of Valencia to celebrate the arrival of spring.

They are planted on the 15th, on the so-called "Noche D'Alba". Here we present some of the most important (and most visited year after year):

  • Exposition Failure-Misser Mascó
  • Plaza del Pilar Falla
  • Jerusalem Convent Falla
  • Na Jordan Fault
  • Swedish Falla Literato Azorín
  • Falla Cuba Literato Azorín
  • L'antiga de Campanar fault
  • Almirante Cadarso Falla - Conde Altea
  • Falla Kingdom of Valencia - Duc de Calabria
  • Exhibition Failure - Micer Mascó
  • Duke of Gaeta Fault


This itinerary has been designed to take you through the vibrant streets of Valencia, discovering the city's most emblematic Fallas.

Each stop will immerse you in the rich culture and tradition of this unique holiday, allowing you to experience the beauty and creativity of these impressive monuments.

  1. L'Antiga de Campanar fault: Begin your journey towards Calle Alqueries de Bellver to admire this fault.
  2. Na Jordan Fault: Head towards Calle de la Taula de Canvis to visit the Falla Na Jordana.
  3. Town Hall Square: In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where you can admire one of the most emblematic Fallas in Valencia.
  4. Falla Sueca-Literate Azorín: Continue towards Sueca Street to see the Sueca-Literato Azorín Falla.
  5. Jerusalem Convent Falla: Move towards Calle Convento Jerusalem to visit this fault.
  6. Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea Failure: Continue to Calle Conde de Altea to admire this falla.
  7. Pillar Fault: Head towards Plaza del Pilar to see this falla.
  8. Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín: Continue towards Cuba Street to visit this falla.
  9. Failure Exposure-Micer Mascó: Continue your journey towards Calle Alberique to see this fault.
  10. El Pilar Fault: Conclude your tour on Calle de San Francisco de Borja to visit this falla.

To make your life easier we have planned the route for you, also calculating the time it will take you to see each of the failures and always starting from the L'Antiga de Campanar fault to end in the center of Valencia with the Convent of Jerusalem fault:

What is the best way to get around Valencia during the Fallas?

During the Fallas the best way to get around Valencia is using public transportation. Here I leave you some recommendations:

  • Cab: Obviously the best transportation you will have to move from one fault to another due to its high priority compared to an Uber or a rental or private car. Can book a personalized trip here to see ALL the failures from 20 euros.
  • EMT Valencia Buses: You can get to the Plaza de l'Ajuntament and the Torres de Serrans with several bus lines. The price of a single ticket is €1.5. In addition, during Fallas, EMT Valencia usually extends schedules, frequencies and routes.
  • Metrovalence: It offers several lines and stops that will leave you close to the fireworks shows. Please note that between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. access to the Colón and Xátiva stations will be temporarily closed.
  • Valenbisi: It is Valencia's public bicycle system. However, some stations will remain closed during the Fallas.
  • Temporary Youth Pass: If you are under 31 years of age, you can travel free of charge on Metrobús, Metrovalencia and EMT.

Finally, keep in mind that during the Fallas, many streets in the city are closed to traffic and Getting around by car can be a bit chaotic..

How much does public transport cost in Valencia?

Here are the prices of public transport in Valencia for the year 2024:

Transport passes (ADDITION):

  • Monthly SUM 1 zone (A, B+, C or D): €35.00
  • 2 zones (AB+, BC+ or CD): €53.00
  • 3 zones (ABC+ or BCD+): €88.00
  • 4 zones (ABCD+): €131.00
  • Youth Monthly SUM 1 zone (A, B+, C or D): €29.75
  • 2 zones (AB+, BC+ or CD): €45.05
  • 3 zones (ABC+ or BCD+): €74.80
  • 4 zones (ABCD+): €111.35

Valencia Metro:

  • Single ticket Zone A or B: €1.50
  • Zone B+: €3.50
  • Zones A and B: €2.80
  • Zones A and B+: €4.80
  • TuiN Zone A or B Card: €0.80 per trip; maximum monthly consumption of €35.00
  • Zone B+: €1.60 per trip; maximum monthly consumption of €35.00
  • Zones A and B: €1.20 per trip; maximum monthly consumption of €53.00
  • Zones A and B+: €2.00 per trip; maximum monthly consumption of €53.00

EMT Buses:

  • Single ticket (EMTicket): €1.50
  • Bus pass: €8.50

RENFE Commuter Train:

  • Single ticket 1 zone: €1.80
  • 2 zones: €2.05
  • 3 zones: €2.65
  • 4 zones: €3.70
  • 5 zones: €4.35
  • 6 zones: €5.80

Please note that these prices may vary and it is It is advisable to check them before your trip.

Where can I buy public transport tickets in Valencia?

You can buy tickets and passes for public transport in Valencia in the following ways:

  • Single bus ticket: You can get these tickets directly from the bus driver. You can also obtain an electronic ticket through the EMTicket app.
  • Single metro ticket: You can get these tickets directly at a metro station, either at a machine or at the ticket office.
  • Bus pass: You can buy this pass at kiosks, tobacconists or at the EMT customer service offices.
  • ADD 10: You can obtain a SUMA 10 credit at any point of sale. Among them are the machines or ticket offices in suburban train and metro stations, as well as in kiosks and tobacconists.
  • SUM T and T+: You can obtain any of the SUMA T passes at the machines or at the ticket offices of the suburban and Metrovalencia train stations, kiosks and tobacconists.
  • Valencia Tourist Card: You can obtain a Valencia Tourist Card on the official website, at authorized kiosks or at the tourist information offices located on Calle de la Paz, at the Town Hall, at Joaquín Sorolla and at the airport.

Finally, you can buy metro tickets online through the official Metro Valencia website. Please note that many buses do not have credit or debit card readers on board, so it is always good to carry cash if you plan to travel this way.

  1. The beginning of the failures
  2. The most important failures
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    3. How much does public transport cost in Valencia?
    4. Where can I buy public transport tickets in Valencia?

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